CES 2005: A Silencentric Summation

The Silent Front
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» FOXCONN joins the Small Form Factor fray with a brick-powered unit.

Ed: This little small form factor barebone kit, brought to you by none other than Foxconn (the people who make most of the expansion slots and CPU sockets utilized by mainboard manufacturers), uses a fanless external power supply. It is based on Socket 478, so the older, cooler Northwood P4 cores can be utilized. Unfortunately, the northbridge comes actively cooled. The demo unit happened to be assembled for full Media Center capability with TV tuner card.

Russ: Is it just me, or does this thing look like it should be able to bake a mean loaf of sourdough?

Charles: Indeed it does Russ. It actually has a really nice fit and finish. It looks like it belongs up on the counter for everyone to see and not be stuffed under a desk.

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» LEADTEK: Fanless 6200 for silent PS3.0 functionality at a low, low price.

Ed: This passively cooled graphics card from Leadtek was on display at CES; it provides noise-free DX9.0 and Pixel Shader 3.0 support for PCI-Express. Note that is a Turbocache card; it uses 128MB of system RAM for frame buffer which explains the price -- more affordable than even the standard 6600

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» LEADMAN unveils wide selection of slick mITX form factor enclosures for HTPC, including a passive model for 1.4GHz VIA processors.

Ed & Charles: Leadman Electronics brought an array of different models to CES for display at the [email protected]'s event. All were designs for integration with VIA CPU-based platforms, such as EDEN and EPIA.

Shown above are the GS-F02 with no front ports and accepting up to a 3.5" HDD, and the front ports-equipped GS-F01, which can only take 2.5" HDDs. Both include a 90W external fanless AC power adapter feeding an internal power supply module that generates 60W of DC power, and utilize a 60x10mm fan for cooling.

The GS-L02 above utilizes a more advanced heatpipe design, to handle up to a 1.4GHz VIA processor fanlessly, and includes a fanless 120W AC power adapter to feed the integrated 90W DC-DC power module. Leadman plans to make some contract deals with flat panel television display manufaturers to have units based on a similar design integrated into them to present consumers with a fully complete high definition display with integrated PVR functionality. In general all the Leadman products were well crafted and with good attention to detail to blend nicely into a home audio rack.

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