CES 2005: A Silencentric Summation

The Silent Front
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¬Ľ ANTEC's massive Vegas presence included fully revised SmartPower 2.0, TruePower 2.0 and Performance TX lines of PSUs and cases, their first BTX case, a new flagship PSU and finally, the P180, which they introduced to us as "Antec's case of the century."

Ed: This year, Antec will be debuting a massive array of new products, included long-needed updates to their aging line of PSUs. First up, we have a new line of SmartPower PSUs, dubbed SmartPower 2.0, including this new sample, one of the new, modular SmartPower 2.0:. Two inline 80mm fans, 500W, ATX 12V 2.0 compatible and the same modular cables as the Neo Power 480.

Alongside it is a new TruePower 2.0. The primary significant changes are a switch to 120mm bottom-feed intake fan and an upgrade to full ATX 12V 2.0 compliance. The chassis also now features the bronze color introduced on the Neo 480.

Antec's upcoming micro-BTX minitower, the Solution Series BK640 is shown below. This steel case is still in preproduction stage, and the LED-lit front intake will be toned down a little. A standard ATX 400W SmartPower 2.0 PSU as well as two rear mounted 92mm TriCool 3-speed fans will be included.

Shown below is the junior model of the new Performance TX line, to replace the Performance series. It is the only beige model with a SmartPower 2.0 350 . It utilizes an Intel-spec Chassis Air Guide, thus making it a certified Thermally Advantaged Chassis. There will be three higher models. The TX640B, appears to be the same minitower structure as TX635, but in black, and includes a 400W PSU. The TX1050B, "SOHO File Server" fits Extended ATX boards, and sports a 500W SmartPower 2.0, and additional 5.25" and internal 3.5" bays. TX1088AMG, another "SOHO File Server," comes in Metallic Grey, with a TruePower 2.0 480 and one more 80mm intake up front.

Antec also showed this E-ATX midtower enclosure that they say is a new standard for server systems. It includes one 120mm TriCool 3-speed fan for exhaust and two 92mm fans ports up front. The power supply is a TruePower 2.0 550 EPS, with full support for dual-Xeon and -Opteron systems. Also implemented is a new double-hinged door that opens a full 270 degrees, shared with most of the new cases with front bezel doors.

Antec revised the case that draws the most mixed responses from SPCR and dubbed it Sonata II, Antec cut some wide swaths of plastic bezel to improve intake air flow, but left the intake fan on the inside of the drive cage as before. It also features a new double-hinged, 270-degree door and, a new variation of Intel's Chassis Air Guide that is adjustable in three directions and pulls cool air from the rear rather than the side, thus eliminating a direct noise path to the user. They also dumped the ANTEC-patterned holes on the side panels, and upgraded the PSU to a single-fan version of the new SmartPower 2.0.

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