CES 2005: A Silencentric Summation

The Silent Front
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Antec introduced their first ever quiet-oriented rack-mount enclosure. The case includes dual 120mm TriCool exhaust fans on the rear right side and a SmartPower 2.0 550 EPS, pushed to the left side rear and ducted for cool air feed from the front of the case. The hard drive racks feature tool-free sleds with front access for hotswap functionality. Clearly the demand for quiet computing is spreading if Antec sees a market for quieter server boxes. The airflow pattern is strikingly similar to that of the new P180. (see below)

Antec's new flagship PSU, the Phantom 500, combines the very high efficiency design from the Phantom 350 with a supplemental fan that kicks in during extreme thermal loads. The new PSU provides sufficient power silently for virtually any desktop PC load, and the added insurance of bolstered air flow when necessary. The only real issue other than price, is that the new unit is deeper than standard ATX specifications.

Finally, the new flagship ATX tower enclosure, the Performance One P180, covered recently in the SPCR's front page news, was introduced to us as "Antec's case of the century." (Caution: There are 95 years to go still! Perhaps "thus far" should be added...) Utilizing nearly every technology in Antec's book and then some to achieve maximum performance while at the same time achieving new levels of acoustic performance, this case features:

  • Separate, exclusive thermal zones for the PSU and the system, both sections fed with their own intakes and exhausts; Antec even sealed the two zones apart at the side panel with some gasket material.
  • Aluminum-plastic-aluminum composite, damped panels for the sides, top and front door.
  • New, thicker, softer grommets for HDD mounting.
  • All-120mm fans for maximum breathing with minimum rotation speeds.
  • New three-way adjustable, rear-feeding chassis air guide.
  • 0.8mm cold rolled steel for primary structure, 1.0mm cold rolled steel for additional mass dampening of the quad-HDD section.
  • Rear and top panel exhaust fans are included, and are 120x25mm thick TriCool 3-speed models. Also included is a 120x38mm TriCool fan midway through the PSU section.
  • Front door opens a full 270-degrees to remain out of the way for extended periods of open usage.

Antec cautions that there will be changes to this prototype before their first real production run. Both 120mm intakes up front are filtered, as is the top panel exhaust, and the entire front bezel has been vented with slits on the sides to improve intake breathing. Even the rings used for pulling out the removable 3.5" drive bays have small plastic retentions to keep them from rattling! Finally, Antec chose to mount the spare drive rails within easy reach on the adjustable chassis air guide, which also see some change before final release. No power supply is included, allowing the end user to make their own choice. Antec left sufficient space even to fit the deeper than standard Phantom 500.

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That's all folks, till the next special event!

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