Arctic Cooling Silentium T2

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Let's take a closer look at the venting, including the base. The photo below shows the big vents next to the I/O pane, the smaller vents next to the PCI slots, and also the vents on the bottom. These are all the intake vents.

Intake vents are located on the bottom and the rear panel.

This is the bottom of the case. The two grills on the left are intakes, while the grill on the right is the exhaust for the PSU.
The two black knobs in the middle serve as feet to prevent the case from sliding around in the base.

The case sits in a black base that raises the case about half an inch to make the bottom open to the air.
It also isolates the intake air at the rear of the case from the exhaust at the front. Damage sustained during testing.

The air-channelled plastic base raises the case about half an inch above the ground. There are two separated airflow routes: Intake at the back and exhaust for the PSU at the front. None of the intake vents are filtered, so keeping a system clean in this case will prove a challenge especially in a carpeted room. The next photos show case is cradled in the plastic base, which really is an integral part of the entire design.

Note the plastic intake "fins" or guides on the base.
Also, the AC plug is positioned at the bottom corner of the back panel.

Here are exhaust vents for the PSU at the front of the case.

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