Arctic Cooling Silentium T2

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Motherboard Installation

As mentioned, the interior dimensions of this case are very tight. Our full ATX board had ~5mm clearance from the bottom of the case and ~1mm from the edge of the HDD Muffler. Installation was a delicate procedure, especially with all the cables from the PSU running along the edge of the Muffler.

On the whole the cables were quite short as is appropriate for a case of this side. However, the cables for the front connectors were a couple centimeters shorter than we would like. The header for the external headphone jack on our board is located near the rear edge of our motherboard (not an uncommon position), and the necessary cable was barely long enough. Installing a large AGP or PCI card next to the header might have put the cable under tension or made it too short altogether.

A tight fit, with few options for cable management.

The front audio cable was just barely long enough.

Hard Drive Installation

The HDD Muffler consists of an aluminum box with a plastic cap that clips on. The cap is lined with a strip of rubber that presses against the edge of the hard drive to prevent it from rattling inside the box. Our hard drive fit snugly, and vibration was never an issue during testing.

Installation of the Muffler proved more difficult than expected. Unfortunately, the cap is made out of the same brittle plastic as the base, and one of the clips snapped off far too easily the first time we tried to remove it. Also, removing the cap requires lifting two of the clips and pulling the cap away from the box. One of the clips is hidden by the support frame and is only accessible with a flathead screwdriver.

Although our test rig did not require it, we also installed a hard drive in the unused internal bay using the screwless mounting system. Because of the orientation of mounting rails, the hard drive had to be installed through the front of the case with the bezel removed.

The HDD Muffler in use. Its proximity to the IDE header on the motherboard meant that our standard 18" IDE cable was about 12" too long.

The inside face of the cap for the Muffler is lined with rubber to prevent the drive from vibrating inside the box.
Note clip missing on top left corner; it was broken during testing.

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