Clever Power SPS-400

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February 7, 2005 by Devon Cooke with Mike Chin

Clever Power SPS-400 (US version)
400W ATX 2.03 Power Supply
Clever Power

Market Price


Ever heard of Clever Power? Neither had we. A quick trip to the Clever Power website reveals that they're a Taiwan-based company that sells two products: A notebook pad, and three variants of the power supply you see below, the others being 300W and 500W models. Mike shook his head and muttered that he had seen this PSU when it was called something else, but he couldn't remember what. It was not until we'd got inside and pulled out the fan that he remembered. The Just Cooler logo on the fan got him to the nearest keyboard, Google-searching away.

It turns out that Just Cooler is the brand of another company called Orbitron International that makes the Clever Power products, and a few other things. Mike recalled unsuccessfully requesting review samples from Orbitron a couple of years ago. We're guessing that Clever Power probably has the distribution rights for the U.S. But that's enough genealogy; do we really care?

There's been some thought put into distinguishing this power supply from the dozens of other metal boxes with fans out there. A quick visual inspection reveals two unusual features of this power supply:

  • Built-in AC outlets
  • An exhaust vent that is tiny by modern standards. The reason for the small vent is not apparent until the casing is opened up to reveal a proprietary 15cm blower-style fan.

The question of interest to SPCR readers will be whether the Clever Power can live up to the 18-25 dB (not dBA) sound level that is claimed on the product page. As is often the case for a SPL claim in product marketing, no distance is given, so we will assume that a distance of 1 meter for our testing. Also claimed is 70% efficiency ¬ó or 74% depending on which document you look at.

No exactly a slick point of sale package; it contains the PSU, a power cable, and a four page manual.

A power strip is a nice idea, but what will it do to airflow? That grill looks pretty small.

The intake vent is also smaller than usual, but given the size of the exhaust it' may not be an issue.

Feature Highlights of the Clever Power SPS-400


Silent, less than 25 dB of noise at full load, down to 18 dB while system standby

This is what we're testing. It pays to be skeptical...
ATX v2.03 & ATX12V v1.3 compliant While it does not have a 24-pin ATX cable or dedicated PCI-e VGA connector, the 12V current capacity is pretty high, so should do well in powering recent systems. The 5 & 3.3V lines are pretty robust, too, so it will be OK with older (mostly AMD) systems that draw more heavily on these lines.

Built-in Surge Protector protects your valuable computer accessories

A good thing. Hopefully this protects the DC lines as well as the external AC outlets.

Built-in Power Strip, eliminate extra power extension cord

For centralizing your cable clutter. Rated at 2A per outlet (~240W in North America).

Built-in Power Breaker provide over-current protection

A standard feature extended to include the AC outlets.
Built-in heat sensor, patented fan runs at exactly the speed necessary
"Exactly" is a very subjective thing...

Built-in serial ATA Cables for the most advance Serial ATA hardisk

Standard now, but not when the Clever Power was first released.


AC Input

115/230 at 47-63Hz
Maximum AC Current
2A per AC outlet

DC Output







Max DC Output Current







Maximum Combined








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