Intel 570 CPU + Soltek SL-915GPRO-FGR Motherboard

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  • Ambient temperature was measured at 71°F (21°C) over the entire series of tests. No tests were run unless the ambient temperature was at that reference level.
  • The motherboard temperature sensors were calibrated using the method laid out in the Silent PC Review Calibrate Your CPU Temp Reporting article.
  • The Operating System was a Windows XP Pro, sp2 with all patches up to the test date.
  • The board was run at default FSB and Vcore (1.312V, according to BIOS monitoring) settings at first. Two instances of Prime 95 were run for 24 hours to burn in the hardware and assure stability.
  • Memtest86+ was also run for 24 hours to assure the memory subsystem was working correctly.
  • All temps were allowed to stabilize for 30 minutes before measurements were recorded. Current draw was continuously monitored and was recorded at initial boot, idle and 2 x CPUBurn load.
  • Temps were measured at idle, 2 x Prime 95 load and 2 x CPUBurn load.


Some SiSoft Sandra 2005 benchmarks were run at this time to assure that things were running as they should. We also tested the function of the various I/O ports to verify that all were working correctly. No glitches were noted.

Sandra Dhrystone/Whetstone...

...Memory Bandwidth....

...and Multimedia.

Super PI 1M for the overclockers among us.

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