Shuttle SN95G5: A64-939 SFF

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The interior of this Shuttle is much like most Shuttles: Well thought out, with all the cables routed neatly in order to maintain good airflow and to simplify installation.

A bird's-eye view.

The center of the case is quite wide open, allowing for lots of airflow. The northbridge cooling fan was not as loud as expected. All of the fans in the SN95G5 are 4-wire PWM controlled fans, but the headers can accept 3-pin connectors as well.

A side view of the interior.

The 5.25", 3.5", and HD drives are best mounted in the one-piece drive cage prior to the installation of the drive cage into the chassis. This makes the installation of these components much easier. This is different from previous Shuttle drive cages, which have often been 2-piece affairs with the main 3.5" drive bay at the bottom in a removable tray. The Shuttle Zen is a good example of this.

An open, easy-access chassis design.

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