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Although physically quite small, the 240W power supply ratings show that it has 16A on the 12V line (192W), enough juice to power any CPU in the AMD64 lineup, along with a high-end AGP video card and a hard drive. To keep things simple for international distribution, they've made it a universal input device that runs on any AC from 100V to 240V.

PSU as seen from the outside.

The air is drawn into the PSU from the side facing the interior of the case.

A close-up of the PSU label.

The power supply contains a 60mm fan. When we were listening to the sound of the other fans, we attempted to stop the PSU fan from spinning by sticking a plastic cable tie into the spinning fan fan blades. It's a standard SPCR lab technique and usually works well with no harm done to the fan or PSU when used judiciously. Good idea, right? No! The PSU immediately shut down to protect itself when the fan blades stopped spinning. This is a pretty good safety feature; if the PSU fan fails, you will not burn up the whole power supply or risk any other part of the PC. But it's probably not an easy fan to replace.

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