Arctic Cooling Freezer 4 heatsink/fan

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It is worth pointing out that the total weight of the Freezer is only 488g. While this is over Intel's recommended heatsink weight of 450g, it is not over by much. Considering that many aftermarket heatsinks weigh between 600-800g, the Freezer is comparatively light and is therefore comparatively safe to transport while installed. This is especially important for any cooler that is tall, which can exert increased cantilever stress on a vertically oriented motherboard (as in any tower-style case).

Twin U-shaped heatpipes are sandwiched between two copper blocks that make up the base.

Heat is dissipated with the help of 40 closely spaced aluminum fins.

The fan's unique frame is screwed to the topmost fins...

...and can be removed to reveal a fin area approximately 70mm x 90mm.

The copper base is just large enough to cover the heatspreader on the CPU.
It is flat but far from the smoothest finish we've seen. Lapping may improve performance.

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