Arctic Cooling Freezer 4 heatsink/fan

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The use of heatpipes allows the main fins to be elevated above the surface of the motherboard. This is good for compatibility, as the footprint of the heatsink is quite small. The Freezer is also narrow enough that the clips that hook onto the retention mechanism are easily accessible.

The mounting system locks into Intel's stock retention mechanism.

Installation is a simple matter of hooking the bracket into Intel's retention mechanism and slipping the two clips into place. Some care must be taken to keep a similar amount of pressure on each clip in order to keep the heatsink level during installation, but once clipped on, it is quite secure. In fact, it may well be too secure. In our sample, an enormous amount of pressure was required to lock the clips into place. Our sample looks no diferent than any of the ones pictured at AC's website or in other reviews, so we suggest that installation is best done with the motherboard already installed in a case to prevent it from flexing too much.

Because the fan is now blowing sideways, the orientation of the heatsink is important. Arctic Cooling recommends installing the Freezer with the fan blowing towards either the top or the back of the case. We endorse this recommendation with the proviso that it would be better to mount it blowing backwards. Blowing the exhaust air upwards could cause the power supply fan to ramp up in speed, especially if it has a bottom-mounted intake fan. However, not all motherboards support mounting the Freezer in a backwards-blowing configuration.


Because the Freezer 64 is essentially the same heatsink as the Freezer 4, we do not plan to do a separate review of the Freezer 64. The sole difference between these two models is the mounting system shown below.

The A64 version uses the stock AMD retention module.

Once the heatsink is hooked into the retention module, a flip of the lever...

...locks the heatsink in place.

We had an Athlon 64 system ready to go during our review, and did actually test the mounting system. The Freezer 64 mounting system is indeed more convenient to use than the Freezer 4 because the locking lever on the A64 system allows the pressure to be applied smoothly and evenly. It was diffcult to judge whether the pressure was as high, but the Freezer 64 also went on very tightly.

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