Raidmax RX-520XPW Power Supply

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March 15, 2005 by Devon Cooke and Mike Chin

Raidmax RX-520XPW
465W ATX12V v1.3 Power Supply

Market Price


Consumers who buy power supplies through retail channels are generally not interested in the technical details that go into providing pure, stable power. What makes an aftermarket power supply attractive to consumers are "visible" features: Ease of installation, aesthetics, and, yes, noise level. Assurance of high performance is necessary and important, but not necessarily the regimented specification sheets reserved for OEMs and system integrators.

The companies that sell power supplies are aware of these factors, and adjust their product offerings accordingly. The Raidmax RX-520XPW is a good example: Plexiglass windows and blue LED lights, oodles of extras (like an embedded AC outlet), and, according to the retail box, "The Power of Silence". This nice little pun will, no doubt, do well for Raidmax's bottom line, but it does not a power supply make.

Feature Highlights of the Raidmax RX-520XPW


All connectors are gold-plated for more stable outputs.

More importantly, they look cool.

Output-cables are twisted wires reducing EM-Interference.

Good for cable management too.

Supports OVP, OCP & SCP (Short-Circuit Protection).

Standard on any power supply.

ATX12V version 1.3 and downwards compatible.

An older but still widely used standard.
Silence Control Technology with Dual-Fans for Whispering operation of 21-22dBA at up to 60% load. So, The Power of Silence is 60% load. For this power supply, that's 280W output.

Two Serial-ATA harddisk-connectors built-in.

Helps push towards ATX12V 2.0 compatibility
ECASO Technology, keep fans running for cooling down you power and system 3 mints after shout down the power. [sic] Presumably, this should read "keeps fan running 3 minutes after shutdown".
Video Card Connector with Noise Filter for Power-Hungry Video Card. This is a 4-pin Molex connector, not a 6-pin PCI-Express plug

Like the power supply itself, the box is sleek and stylish. And larger than necessary.

Power supply, thin manual, EMI-shielded AC cable, mounting screws, and two zap straps for cable management.


AC Input

100-120 / 200-240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz

DC Line Output







Maximum Output Current







Maximum Combined Wattage







Raidmax also makes a similar model called the RX-520XP. As far as we can tell from Raidmax's sparse documentation, the only differences between it and our review model, the RX-520XPW, are the blue-tinted windows and the rear-mounted 80mm intake fan instead of bottom-mounted 92mm fan. It appears that the change in fan is necessary to accommodate the windowed design. This change in fan can be expected to have a considerable effect on internal airflow and temperatures, so we do not consider our review representative of the non-windowed version. As a side note, the non-windowed version is about $10 cheaper.

Aside from the change in fan, we had issues about the labeling and technical information that came with the Raidmax:

  • No technical specifications are available either in the manual or on their either of the product websites that we found. The specifications listed in this review come from the label on the bottom of the PSU.
  • No amperage for the external AC plug is given anywhere.
  • The rear of the power supply is labeled 90~115 VAC with no indication of what this refers to. We think it refers to the output voltage of the AC plug, as the unit has a voltage selector switch that allows it to be used with 220 VAC input.
  • The model number of the power supply is mislabeled on the spec sheet as the XP model.
  • The spec sheet reports the maximum wattage as 520W. Adding up the maximum wattages for each rail totals only 464.5W.
  • The 18A max current available on the 12V line is very low for a PSU rated at even 464.5W. It compares unfavorably with several recently reviewed PSUs: The 20A of the Clever Power 400; 30A total (12V1 and 12V2) of the Fortron Blue Storm 500; the 22A total of the Coolermaster 450; 18A on the 12V line is matched by the Seasonic Super Tornado (or Silencer) 300!

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