Raidmax RX-520XPW Power Supply

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The Raidmax is manufactured by Topower, a Taiwan based company that builds power supplies on spec for whoever buys them in bulk. Raidmax has incorporated most of the options that Topower offers into its design, focusing on EMI reduction. Our lab is not properly equipped to measure electromagnetic interference so we did not test any of the EMI-reducing features. In three years of regularly testing power supplies, we have never experienced EMI related problems.

Blue tinted windows and a high-gloss chrome finish make this a stylish choice for any l33t gamer.

Strangely, there are small intake (or exhaust?) vents right next to the intake fan.

The Raidmax is almost 2cm longer than a standard power supply.

These are the only specs that Raidmax seems to publish. The wrong model number and maximum wattage are given.

Despite a larger than usual case, the internal PCB is very tightly packed. There is space for a 92mm fan on top of the heatsinks.

The numerous PCBs screwed to the heatsinks suggest a hastily rearranged layout.

The fan is a clear plastic model with blue LEDs to match the blue windows.

Our first impression of the Raidmax with the cover off is that the circuit board from the non-windowed version has simply been dumped into a casing that has windows. The heatsinks are clearly shaped to accommodate a 92mm bottom-mounted intake fan. Underneath the heatsinks the components are very densely packed. This means that there is a clear, unencumbered airflow path over the top of the heatsinks, but very little air will be blowing on the actual components.

Physically, the Raidmax is larger than usual. While its height and width appear to be standard, it is almost 2 centimeters longer than usual. Most likely, this extra space is needed to accommodate the intake fan, as this would not have been a part of the original design. In most cases this will probably not be an issue, but it may become a nuisance in a smaller mid-tower case or in a non-tower configuration.

The two fans are identical. Each is clear plastic, has a blue LED and is rated for 0.2A. Generally, clear plastic is less desirable from a noise perspective than the less stylish opaque black plastic because it is more prone to resonating. However, this is mainly a problem at higher fan speeds, and the modest power rating of the fans suggests that this might not be a major issue.

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