Silverstone LC-11 media PC case

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March 24, 2005 by Ralf Hutter
with Mike Chin and Devon Cooke in the SPCR Audio Lab


LC-11 Micro-ATX PC case



~ $160USD

Silverstone is associated with stylish, mostly aluminum cases. We've reviewed some Silverstone cases in the past, including some that we considered excellent. They released the LC-11 a few months ago: A sleek low profile case for Micro-ATX boards.

The Silverstone LC-11 came to our attention as a possible option for a project to build two of the quietest possible Home Theater or Media PCs. We wanted to compare a Pentium M system against an Athlon 64-939 (Winchester core) system, using as many of the same components as possible, including the case. In the end, the LC-11 was rejected due to the lack of 939 boards in M-ATX form factor, but it is definitely worth a review.

The usual sturdy, high quality Silverstone packaging...

...contains one of these beauties.

The aluminum front bezel looks absolutely sumptuous. It includes a stealthed DVD-rom drive bay cover on the right, four USB 2.0 connectors on the left and Power On and Reset switches, a Power LED and an HDD activity LED in a slightly concave wood-grained center inset. The wood-grained part looks better than it sounds. As with some other recent case designs, only the front bezel is aluminum, the rest of the chassis being made of fairly sturdy steel. We think this is an intelligent combination of good looks, sturdy design and modest construction cost.

Clean minimalist design to go with the rest of your AV gear.

A Firewire port and a set of audio I/O jacks on the left edge of the front panel.

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