Silverstone LC-11 media PC case

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The LC-11 has an interesting design twist: It places the motherboard upside down on the "ceiling" of the case. There is a large mesh vent on the bottom panel, directly opposite where the CPU lies. The grill actually covers the entire area of the CPU and NB on a typical motherboard. This is sort of a creative interpretation of Intel's "Chassis Air Guide" specification, but applied in a way to keep the profile of the case as low as possible. Here are a couple of picutres.

This view shows the case on its right side.
The back panel opening for the I/O panel of the motherboard is visible through the large square bottom vent.

Head-on view of the bottom showing large intake vent and A/V-style feet, with the case on its front panel.

If the case had been designed with a conventional bottom-mounting for the motherboard, the vent opposite the CPU would have been on the top of the case. In such a conventional design, a "normal" down-blowing heatsink fan would be fighting rising convection, and the components would be at risk from dust and other foreign matter (a drink?!) falling into the case. The bottom intake vent makes sense, even though the idea of a heatsink "hanging" off the motherboard gives one pause. You probably don't want to choose a CPU cooler whose mounting system is at all questionable or one that is very heavy. In combination with the extra spacing provided by the sturdy A/V gear style feet, the bottom vent appears well thought out.

Side exhaust fan and grill.

The left side of the case features only the exhaust grill for the included 80mm fan. The grill is quite unrestricted and should contribute little noise to the system exhaust. The right side is completely sealed.

Rear of case showing small PSU, AGP/PCI card slots rotated 90°.

The rear of the case is a little unusual because the layout is "upside-down" and also because the AGP/PCI slots are seemingly parallel to the motherboard. In actuality, Silverstone includes a neat PCB riser assembly that allow one to mount a full size AGP card and two full size PCI cards on their sides. This serves to keep the overall profile of the case as low as possible. The spacing and alignment between the two joined PCBs could be tricky, but it fit perfectly well in the motherboard used for testing.

Included AGP/PCI riser.

LC-11 accessories include a nice manual, IEC power cord and box with AGP/PCI riser and screws

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