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The stock heatsink is quite conventional: No fancy heatpipes or ducts here! Despite the fact that the system is based on a Socket 939 design, the heatsink is mounted using a socket 478 retention module, a practice seen in a few other A64 SFF. This means the user is free to replace the heatsink with an aftermarket design of his choice. Compatibility will be limited by the clearance around the socket, but there should be plenty of smaller heatsinks on the market that fit the bill.

The heatsink is a traditional downward-blowing design.

The heatsink is a hybrid copper-aluminum design that uses a copper core to transfer heat away from the CPU core up though the heatsink. The core is slightly smaller than the heatspreader on the AMD processor, which means some of the aluminum fins also make contact with the heatspreader. The core showed some faint machining marks, but nothing serious enough to warrant concern.

A copper core is surrounded by aluminum fins.

Removing the fan reveals that the heatsink is surprisingly small, no more than four centimeters tall. The low profile is necessary to provide enough space around the 80mm fan to ensure adequate airflow.

Tension is applied to the heatsink with a large lever that locks it into place.


Unlike most SFF systems, the power supply in the EQ3901 conforms to a standard form factor. The SFX12V v3.0 form factor is certainly not as universal as ATX12V, but they are available commercially. Another advantage of the SFX12V form factor is its use of a standard 80mm fan, which means a quiet fan swap is viable if necessary.

Although the label is branded Soltek, the model number identifies the manufacturer as Seasonic, who have products have been recommended by SPCR in the past. Most importantly, the product page for the power supply identifies the fan controller as being identical to the one that we've praised in the past.

Specifications for Seasonic model SS-300SFD Active PFC F3
AC Input
100 - 240 V @ 50/60 Hz
DC Output
Max Power
125W (30A) Max.
22.5A Max.
Total Power

We did not test the power supply independently of the system as a whole. The 300W rating easily exceeds any load that we could realistically produce with a system of this size.

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