AOpen EY855-II Pentium M SFF barebones system

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The EY855-II is about the same size as the previous AOpen SFF models we've reviewed. In fact, the internal chassis is the same, and the cover is the same as the one used on the EX915. It is quite a bit smaller than Shuttle's most recent offerings. The cosmetic design is called Metropolitan in AOpen's scheme of things. It is almost entirely brushed aluminum with black accents. Aluminum is the primary material used to make the case.

EY855-II sports the tilt-up look of many Shuttle SFFs. Note large vent on the side, much like the EX915.

As with previous AOpen designs, this is the exhaust side for the CPU heatsink/fan.

The cosmetics are essentially a variation on other AOpen XC Cube designs. Simple, functional and elegant, in my opinion.

The aluminum piece that screws to the bottom front edge to tilt the system upwards.

The back panel is very similar to the EX915's. There are connections for mouse, keyboard, monitor, parallel printer and COM1, a coax out RCA port, IEEE 1394 port, S/PDIF output, two USB 2.0 ports, Ethernet LAN (RJ-45), and three audio jacks: line-in, speakers and mic. The power supply is the same custom size and shape as used on the EX915 and the EZ65: A thin 80mm exhaust fan, a 115/230VAC switch, on/off power, and the IEC AC jack. The grill doesn't look too restrictive. Covers for the AGP and PCI slots are on the right side.

The reason for the similarity in case and internal layout is that AOpen does a mix and match of technology and style. They have four case designs, all with the same dimensions. The location and size of the side vents appear to be similar but perhaps not identical; they may vary with the motherboard.

AOpen's XC Cube "Body" Lineup

AOpen offers many platforms including socket 478, socket A, socket T, and of course socket 479, with a big variety of chipsets. AOpen's XP Cube website is utterly confusing to us, however, so we will not attempt to itemize the various combination options. Check for yourself please. One thing we can confirm is that the 855 platform described here is also available in the EX body as model EX855-II.

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