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The following components were installed in the AOpen XC Cube EY855-II:

  • Intel Pentium M 725 1.6 GHz processor with 2 MB cache
  • Samsung SM-352B Combo Drive (CD-RW + DVD-ROM)
  • OCZ DDR400 512MB EL DDR Platinum SDRAM Memory, 1 stick)
  • Samsung MP0402H 40G 2.5" notebook drive - on foam, now standard in all our SFF barebones reviews.
  • Microsoft Windows XP Pro SP2 was installed, along with the multi-megs of updates ad nauseum.

As with their other SFF systems, AOpen's excellent layout, cable management and friendly manual ensured smooth assembly. No glitches were encountered. The Samsung notebook drive was the same one used in our recent SFF reviews. It was placed on a soft thin piece of foam in the 3.5" bay directly below the optical drive. This effectively stops any HDD vibrations from going into the chassis. The photo below shows the HDD in place before the optical drive was installed.

BIOS Flexibility

The XC Cube EY855-II has a nice range of options in the the BIOS. Some of the most important ones for enthusiasts:

  • Vcore: From as low as 0.7V up to 1.34V
  • FSB: 100-400 MHz, in 1MHz increments
  • AGP Bus adjustments
  • Wide range of RAM voltage, timing and clock options

Vcore: From as low as 0.7V...

...up to 1.34V

Multiplier (for this CPU) from 6X to 16X

FSB from 100 MHz to 400 MHz

The SilentBIOS fan control system has become emasculated in its user controls. The original version we examined a couple years ago was very flexible and provided a wide range of user settings. This version only allows you to give full control of the CPU fan speed to the BIOS or to run the fan at full speed. In fact, there are only a couple of switches regarding fans and temperatures. It's true that the Pentium M runs so cool that a sophisticated fan controller is probably not needed.

A CPU maximum temperature alarm setting.

Smart fan control turned on or switched to constant full fan speed.

As with the AOpen and DFI desktop motherboards for Pentium M, there is no evidence of support for the Enhanced Intel Speedstep Technology, which adjusts CPU clock speed (by multiplier) and voltage dynamically according to load to reduce heat and power consumption, especially at idle. At least, there is nothing in the BIOS that suggests its presence.

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