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The fiberglass was cut to size, and then covered with an open weave fabric using a spray adhesive.

The covering was important, as it would be rather unpleasant to have fiberglass dust everywhere on the inside of the case. The completed panel was attached to the inside of the door with wood screws.

The 120mm Nexus finally arrived. The foam block was glued to the case, and the fan held in place against it with an elastic cord.

The finished product. I'll explain the panel sitting at the back in a bit.

Behind the front door.

The zip drive is just a placeholder again. I'm thinking it will look really sharp if I put in a pair of black optical drives and do up a nicer switch panel. As you can see, the front door actually hinges on the edge of the right side door, so if you open the right side up the front door has to go with it.

A view of the back.

Care has to be taken plugging the cord into the PSU, as it's not held down very solidly. Obviously that would be an issue in transport, too, so I'll have to tie the PSU down more securely if I plan on moving it about.

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