Scythe Kamakiri CPU heatsink/fan

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May 1, 2005 by Devon Cooke and Mike Chin

Scythe Kamakiri SCKKR-1000 integrated heatsink/fan for socket A/370/478/754/775/940/939

Scythe is a Japanese company located in Tokyo's famous Akihabara electronics district. They bill themselves as "as a distributor and manufacturer of PC parts & gaming devices for 'Selected PC users for DIY PC Experts!'". This means that much of their business is selling third-party products, although they do sell a number of products under their own name, including a heatpipe-cooled hard drive enclosure and a case designed for fully fanless housing of a VIA C3 system. Outside of Japan, they are best known for heatsinks.

Scythe heatsink designs are unique. Scythe currently sells no less than eight different heatsink models, from the heatpipe-enclosed FCS-50 to one of the only heatsinks on the market designed for fanless use: The NCU-2005. In the company of these unconventional siblings, the Kamakiri seems almost normal. Almost. Despite its more ordinary shape and size, the Kamakiri is in no danger of being conventional. The design of the Kamakiri is easier to show than to explain, so a photograph is in order:

Is this another fanless heatsink? Perhaps, but where would the wires be coming from?

As the picture shows, the Kamakiri's fan is mounted inside the heatsink with aluminum fins directly in front of and behind it. The fins are attached to six copper heatpipes that extend out of a more conventional heatsink at the bottom of the unit. A clear plastic shroud holds it all together and helps direct airflow. To quote Scythe's web site: "Kamakiri" means "Scythe Sword" in Japanese; Kamakiri will cut your heat problem!

The retail box contains a manual fan controller, three different mounting brackets, an instruction sheet, and the Kamakiri itself.

Model Name: SCKKR-1000 Kamakiri CPU Cooler
Manufacturer: Scythe Co., Ltd., Japan
Intel Compatibility:
Celeron (socket 370) all speeds
Celeron (socket 478) all speeds
Pentium III (socket 370) all speeds
Pentium 4 (socket 478) all speeds
LGA775 (socket 775) all speeds
AMD Compatibility:
Duron (socket 462) all speeds
Sempron (socket 462) all speeds
Athlon (socket 462) all speeds
Athlon XP (socket 462) all speeds
Sempron (socket 754) all speeds
Athlon 64 (socket 754) all speeds
Athlon 64FX (socket 754) all speeds
Opteron (socket 939) all speeds
Opteron (socket 940) all speeds
Fan Dimensions: 80 x 80 x 25mm
Combined Dimensions: 99.5 x 72 x 110mm
Fan Speed: 1300~4600rpm (with rheostat)
Fan Noise Level: 15.1dBA @ 1300rpm (lowest)~46.1dBA @ 4600rpm (highest)
Air Flow: [email protected][email protected]
Bearing Type: Hypro Bearing Fan (Fluid Bearing. Longer Life & Quieter) Weight: 675g

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