Scythe Kamaboko CPU HSF

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July 15, 2005 by Devon Cooke and Mike Chin


Scythe Kamaboko SCKBK-1000 integrated heatsink/fan for socket 478/754/775/940/939


Scythe Co., Ltd.

Market Price

A disproportionate amount of attention is paid to the fanciest, most powerful, most expensive heatsinks. This is true of just about any market segment: Bragging rights go the best, at any cost. However, many people are unwilling to spend upwards of $50 to replace a part, that, strictly speaking, does not need replacing. Scythe products have mostly aimed high; the Kamaboko is different.

Their web site explains that "Kamaboko" means "Scythe Halberd" in Japanese. Kamaboko is a value-for-money product from Scythe! You know, of course, that a Halberd is a weapon of the 15th and 16th centuries with an ax-like blade and a steel spike mounted on the end of a long shaft. Curiously, a search on kamaboko turns up many descriptions and pictures of Japanese fish cake, Scythe's more deadly imagery not withstanding. There must be some quirky joke or play on words that is lost in translation.

The Kamaboko is not made of copper; it does not have heatpipes (although a variation, the Kamaboko Z, does employ copper heatpipes); it doesn't have a fancy sideways blowing fan or the latest ducting system. It also doesn't have a high price. It's a traditional aluminum heatsink with a downward-blowing fan. The fan is quite large for a heatsink — 92mm — and has sleeve bearings, which is a good sign for noise. It is rated for 22.9 dBA (no distance given).

At time of writing, the Kamaboko is available primarily in Europe (and Japan). There does not seem to be any North American vendors for the Kamaboko. The more ambitious Kamaboko Z appears to be more readily available in North America.

The Kamaboko comes in a compact cardboard and plastic box.

The contents of the box include the heatsink, an instruction sheet, a backplate, and a retention module for compatibility with AMD boards.


Model Name: SCKBK-1000 Kamaboko CPU Cooler
Manufacturer: Scythe Co., Ltd., Japan
Intel Compatibility:
Celeron (socket 478) all speeds
Pentium 4 (socket 478) all speeds
LGA775 (socket 775) all speeds
AMD Compatibility:

Sempron (socket 754) all speeds
Athlon 64 (socket 754) all speeds
Athlon 64FX (socket 754) all speeds
Opteron (socket 939) all speeds
Opteron (socket 940) all speeds
Fan Dimensions: 92x 92x 25mm
Combined Dimensions: 96 x 94 x 92mm
Fan Speed: 1900rpm
Fan Noise Level: 22.9dBA
Air Flow: 47.3CFM
Bearing Type: Sleeve Bearing

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