Scythe Kamaboko CPU HSF

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Highlights of the Scythe Kamaboko


Universal Socket Compatibility

Almost. The exception is socket A / 370, which are admittedly virtually discontinued.

Quiet 92mm Fan

92mm we can confirm. Quiet? We'll have to see.

Easy Installation - Just One Clip

True of Socket 478 boards. AMD and LGA775 sockets require installing a proprietary retention module.

Super Great Value

"Value" is a sure sign of a low price point.

The 92mm fan is elevated about a centimeter above the top of the fins.

The fan is a low speed version from Buic Electronics. It's sleeve bearing and rated for 0.13A, both attributes of a quiet fan.

The fan is mounted with wire clips instead of screws.

Conventional aluminum fins are soldered to a copper base.

A 5mm thick copper base makes contact with the CPU heatspreader.

The native clips fit Intel's stock Socket 478 retention bracket.

Unlike many other Scythe products, the Kamaboko follows a fairly conventional design. The 92 mm downward-blowing fan is quite large for this style of heatsink, and it is unusually mounted with wire clips about a centimeter above the top of the aluminum fins. Elevating the fan above the fins may reduce air turbulence noise. The elevation should also coax a larger than usual amount of airflow out of the fan by reducing back pressure, which low speed fans are particularly susceptible to. The fan is actually wider than the heatsink itself; the two outermost fins extend above the other fins to form a channel to direct the excess airflow onto the main body of the heatsink.

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