Thermaltake W0029 Fanless Purepower 350 PSU

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The outer casing is in four parts: The rectangular front and back plates, and the top and bottom C-profile covers. It's all made of the same anodized aluminum, probably an extrusion for the top and bottom. It is not particular hefty, but thicker than the skin of aluminum cases. Two large black heatsinks dominate over the PCB. Not much is visible beneath the big tops of the black heatsinks.

The inside view.

The interface between the copper fins and the heatpipes.

The three heatpipes all come from the same middle heatsink, which presumably cools the components that produce the most heat.

The smaller set of copper fins on the other side are heatpiped to the other HS.
If it looks crooked, that's because it is. This is a pic of the first PSU sample, and this is the HS set that partly broke loose from the PCB.

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