Antec Phantom 500

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The sheer size and weight of the Phantom 500 is impressive. At 3.4 kg and 18.3cm depth, it is the biggest, heaviest PSU we've encountered. The casing is manufactured from extruded aluminum and acts as a heatsink to move heat out of the unit. There is also a plastic module on one end that contains the fan. This increases the total length of the unit, making it about an inch and a half longer than a standard power supply. The extra length may make it difficult or impossible to install the Phantom in some cases, although it should fit most cases without any problems.

The fan is mounted on the inner end of the power supply in a plastic module.

The rear end looks identical to the 350W model.

Some extra hardware to provide non-standard support at the back of the unit is provided; this requires some mechanical expertise. We'd recommend some kind of additional back support. The standard four screws that normally secure a PSU to a case will hold this Phantom, but the cantilever force on the back panel will be high. The back panel of lighter weight steel or aluminum panel cases would certainly flex with this much weight hanging off it. We'd ship a PC with this PSU installed only with additional back support; the manual has a caution to this effect.

The aluminum casing of the Phantom 500 appears to be identical to the 350W version. Only the plastic module for the fan is different. We did not remove the casing entirely to compare the internal circuitry of the two models. Simply opening up the unit may affect the close coupling of internal components for heat conduction to the external casing.

There is a small air vent along the right side of the unit.

The grill on the rear panel is quite unrestricted, but it's easy to see that the airflow path through the unit is pretty obstructed.

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