Antec P180: A Visual Tour

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The front door is a skin of aluminum on the outside and one of plastic on the inside.
The two large grills direct air into the upper and lower chambers of the case.

This detail photo from below the front of the case shows several key features of the P180 bezel:
The large vent at the bottom and the generous grill openings along the bezel sides allow low airflow impedance even when the door is closed.
The feet on the bottom of the case are made of a soft silicone rubber designed to absorb vibration and reduce noise.

The IEEE 1394 (FireWire), USB 2.0 and audio ports are accessible with the door closed. The door must be opened to access the power and reset buttons. HDD and power LEDs are visible with the door closed.

The door is double-hinged for a 270 degree arc of rotation, which allows it to be tucked out of the way rather than open at some odd position where it can be easily knocked.

The two grill covers open with a push-click to reveal the dust filters. The right photo shows the metal grills behind the dust filters and all the external drive bay covers removed. Note the floppy drive bay between the intake vents.

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