Antec P180: A Visual Tour

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The PSU can be installed with the standard 4 screws from the back or with this U-shaped clamp.
The surface that makes contact against the PSU is coated with a thin layer of silicone rubber to absorb PSU fan vibrations.
The raised platform on which the PSU sits is also treated with this silicone rubber.


The main hard drive cage is made of heavier gauge steel and has a pull ring that can be clipped down so it does not rattle.
The soft silicone rubber grommets absorb vibration from the hard drives. They are much softer than normal rubber grommets.
Long mounting screws with large flanges are provided for use with the rubber grommets.

Even with the cage fully populated, there is a half inch gap between adjacent drives to ensure adequate cooling airflow at low fan speed.
When using more than two hard drives, SATA drives are recommended for best cable management and minimal compromise of airflow.

The smaller 2-bay drive cage in the main chamber positions the drives laterally on pull out trays.
The soft silicone rubber grommets are used for these trays as well.
Note the convenient hardware tray box affixed to the far side of the HDD cage.

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