Scythe SCNJ-1000 Ninja heatsink

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June 17, 2005 by Mike Chin

Scythe SCNJ-1000 Nijna CPU Heatsink
for socket 478 / 754 / 775 / 940 / 939

POSTSCRIPT on Ninja Plus Rev. B (the 3rd version) added Dec 16, 2006 (page 6)

Scythe has been developing large fanless heatsinks that employ heatpipes for quite some time. Their original NCU-1000 found favor with many silent PC enthusiasts. The follow-up, the NCU-2000, was an improved version of the same heatsink.

Their latest kick at the fanless can is another tall heatpipe device with a loosely spaced fins structure. Unlike the earlier NCU series, which were made only to fit socket 478, the Ninja can be used with all modern desktop CPU platforms. It is more extreme than anything Scythe has put out before.

Scythe heatsink designs have always been unique. The Ninja , in some ways, is almost conventional by Scythe standards, with no dramatic twists or departures from their previous designs. But it's bigger. A lot bigger. It may not be the biggest HS you can find in the enthusiast PC cooling market today, but it's not far off.


Unlike many other Scythe heatsinks, Ninja does not appear to be any kind of play on words.


Model Name: SCNJ-1000 Ninja Heatpipe CPU Cooler
CPU Compatibility: socket 478, 775 and K8
CPU Clock Speed Limit:
This product is not recommended to use with a high CPU frequency under the fanless mode. If you plan to use this item under fanless mode, your CPU load should be limited to low-middle loading. For high-end usage, we recommend to use an optional 120mm fan. Please use this product at your own risk.
Dimensions: 110 x 110 x 150mm
Weight: 665g
Noise Level: Completely ZERO dB design (in fanless mode)
Optional Fan: 120mm Fan Clip Included (Fan not included)

The "native" clips are for socket 478. The box contains well-thought out adapters for socket 775 and K8.
There are also clips for a 120mm fan and an assembly sheet.

Feature & Brief Our Comment
2-in-1 CPU Cooler
Ninja cooler is a versatile CPU cooler which supports both fan & fanless mode! With fan mode, the cooler is ready for the high-end CPU cooling (with low noise), and with fanless mode, you are in silent mode (noiseless!) You can get 2 great features in 1 CPU cooler!
We'll find out.
Great Value Fanless Heatpipe CPU Cooler
For the great performance and total 6x heatpipe, Ninja cooler is the value-for-money fanless cooler available in the market!
US$50 is competitive.
Light Weight Fanless CPU Cooler
With the given performance level and size of the heatsink, the Ninja cooler is lightweight fanless cooler available in the market!
It is light for the size. A lot of the weight is at the base, minimizing the cantilever stress effect on a vertically installed motherboard.
Easy Installation-Just One Clip
Easy one clip and screwless design for the quick and easiest installation ever! (for socket 478)
True only for socket 478. The others need adapters and access to both sides of the motherboard.

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