Antec P180 Review, Part 2: The Whole Nine Yards

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July 4, 2005 by Devon Cooke

Antec P180 Advanced Super Mid Tower Case
Antec Inc.
Market Price

June 15, 2006: POSTSCRIPT V1.1 added to reflect changes made in the case since its original release.

This article is the second part of an extensive review of the P180 that began many weeks ago. Because of the special status of this case, more time than usual was spent taking measurements and trying as many configurations as possible to ensure that as much hard data is available as possible. It is based on over a month of intensive testing.

It is assumed that the reader has read the previous SPCR articles about this case and has a grasp of its basic features. The article focuses on installation and testing rather than a top-down overview. Please refer to the previous articles as necessary:

One issue that came up in the forum discussion of the previous articles is how SPCR can produce an unbiased review of a case that Mike Chin, the editor and creator of SPCR, was involved in designing. To address this concern, Mike kept his involvement in the testing and writing to a minimum. I conducted the bulk of the testing, with occasional assistance from Mike Chin. He remains the editor of all material that is published on the main SPCR web site, however, including this article.

The SPCR-branded P180.

The process of reviewing the P180 began about a month before it was officially released, when it showed up on the SPCR doorstep in a plain white box...

We couldn't wait to bring it inside...

Our box was of the scruffy pre-production variety. The retail box is much more colorful.

SPECIFICATIONS: Antec P180 ( from the Antec web site)
Case Dimensions
21.3" (H) x 19.9" (D) x 8.1" (W)
Drive Bays
- Front Accessible
- Internal
4 x 5.25", 1 x 3.5"
6 x 3.5"
Expansion Slots
Cooling System
- 1 rear (standard) 120mm TriCool Fan with 3-speed switch control
- 1 top (standard) 120mm TriCool Fan
- 1 lower chamber (standard) 120mm x 38mm (thick) TriCool Fan
- 1 front (optional) 120mm fan
- 1 (optional) 80mm case fan in the Air Duct over the graphics card
Main Board Size
12" (W) x 9.6" (L)
Weight (net/gross)
31/36 lbs
14.1/16.3 Kg
Standard ATX
Special Features
Internal mounts with rubber grommets
Upper and lower chamber structure
Three-layer side panel
Front USB/FireWire Ports
Package Contents
1 Tower Case
1 set of screws and motherboard standoffs
1 Installation manual

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