Cooler Master Real Power 550

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From the outside, the Real Power appears quite sleek thanks to its smooth black finish. Those who like bling should appreciate the bright blue LED fan; the rest of us will probably want to either swap the fan entirely or find a way of disabling the LEDs. This is not something you'd want to put in a system you have to sleep next to.

The smooth exterior doesn't have any internal vents. Any air drawn in by the fan must exit through the rear of the power supply.

A standard 120mm design with a clear LED fan.

There is little to comment on based on an exterior inspection. The Real Power looks like most other power supplies on the market. It uses the 120mm fan design that has taken over the industry in the past couple of years, and its rear exhaust is quite unrestricted. One things is missing from the rear panel: No voltage selector switch is needed because the PSU features auto range input of 100 to 240VAC.

The rear grill is stamped in the hexagonal pattern that has become in vogue for its low impedance.

The "Human Computer Interface" power meter takes the form of a plastic box that can be screwed into a spare floppy bay. It is backlit with a blue LED when the power supply is on. A thin red needle allows the approximate power level to be read from a scale marked in 100W increments. The scale is too small to make readings within 25W or so, but it does give a rough idea of how much power is being used. A portion of the scale is marked in red to indicate that the power supply is operating above its capacity, but realistically speaking a reading in the red is more likely to be an indication of a broken power meter than an overloaded system. 550W is a lot of power.

The "Human Computer Interface" comes with black and silver faceplates.

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