Antec P150 mid-tower case w/ Neo HE 430 PSU

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Another nice idea for cable management is found on the back side of the 3.5" drive cage. This consists of sets of plastic "hooks" for wrapping up any extraneous cables that normally cause a mess inside the case. I may be a bit biased, but I think this is one of the neatest (no pun intended) ideas I've seen in a long time, and one that I've never seen on any other computer case.

Cable management hooks


The P150 comes standard with an 3-speed Antec Tri-cool fan mounted directly to the rear panel with standard fan screws. Some sort of isolators would provide a little extra bit of vibration dampening, but the Tri-cools don't have vibration when they're run at the lowest of the three speeds. The stamped fan grill uses the same free flowing hexagonal openings that we've seen on most of Antec's recent cases.

At the rear of the case is a set of hexagonal holes right next to the PCI card slots. It looks like the vestiges of the grill for the VGA/CPU duct used in the P180 and Sonata II , but with no way to attach the duct to the case. No duct is included with the P150. Likely, the duct was abandoned after our reviews showed its ineffectiveness in low noise cooling. My guess is that the vent holes have been retained to some amount airflow movement (in or out) to take place around the VGA/PCI cards, as there are no vent holes on the side panel typical in many cases today.

Rear of case. Note the vent holes next to the PCI slots


Mounted on the rear wall as standard equipment in the P150 is the new 430W Neo HE power supply. This PSU is being reviewed by Devon in MikeC's Vancouver lab, so I'll just mention a few key features:

  • Antec claims 85% efficiency at 230VAC and 82% at 115VAC.
  • Low noise, as low as 18dBA (presumably @1m).
  • Cooled by single 80mm fan.
  • Detachable output power cords.

[Editor's Note: The complete Neo HE 430 review can be found by clicking here.]

The detachable output power cables allows you to use only the cables that you need, which can help reduce case clutter. Between this, and the cable management hooks, it's clear that Antec is thinking about wire management, whether to improve airflow through the case, or just general aesthetics. Either way, the end result works quite well.

The Neo HE is cooled by a single 80mm fan mounted in the standard exhaust position. The bottom of the PSU is unventilated. A mesh grill intake makes up the entire rear wall of the PSU. The position of the rear grill also makes it possible to duct the PSU to the top front drive bay(s), sealing off the PSU from the warm air of the case and allowing it to pull cool air in through the front, just like with the design of the P180. Of course, this requires a bit of DIY initiative.

Neo HE PSU. 24/20-pin ATX and AUX12V cables are permanently attached; other cables can be added as needed.

Rear of PSU. Note vent grill and power cable attachment connectors

The modular cable set includes "Y" floppy connector, 3 connector Molex cable, 2 connector PCI-Express cable, 2 connector SATA power cable and a PCI-E extension .

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