Antec P150 mid-tower case w/ Neo HE 430 PSU

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Remove the drive sleds and you'll be greeted by yet another new feature. Antec has engineered the first factory installed (to my knowledge) rubber elastic suspension HDD setup in the P150. While probably not well known to the mainstream PC enthusiast, elastic suspension mounting of the HDD is a technique widely used by the Silent PC community for quieting the seek and rotational noise from one of the noisiest components in a modern PC. They've taken the suspension technique pioneered by companies like No Vibes and integrated it into the P150. What a great idea!

HDD suspension mounts without drives installed.

Each round-profile rubber band loops around a smooth-edged hook in a plastic anchor on each side.

The plastic anchor snaps off and on quite easily.
Simple yet ingenious design allows the rubber bands to be replaced if necessary.

While some folks may like tinkering or designing their own HDD suspension, I'm quite happy to have it provided for me. With the P150, all you have to do is slide your HDD(s) in between the elastic bands and you're ready to go. Of all the features in the P150, this is probably my favorite because it eliminates one of the most difficult sources of noise in a standard PC: HDD vibrations. You're limited to a maximum of three suspended drives, a reduction of one over the standard metal drive sled mounting, but this is plenty for most quiet PCs.

HDD suspension mounts with one drive installed.

Here's a real delight for uber-silencers. The suspension mounting also accommodates notebook drives! With the ends of the rubber bands twisted as shown below, the tension is fine for a thin notebook drive. A notebook drive can be positioned so that there's over a centimeter gap between where the rubber bands cross the drive and the edge of the drive; i.e., it won't slip off easily. A very quiet notebook drive suspended as shown below would be about as good as you can get for quiet storage. It would be essentially silent for 99% of users in almost any environment or application.

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