Antec Neo HE 430 power supply

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October 11, 2005 by Devon Cooke

Antec Neo HE 430
430W ATX12V 2.2 Power Supply
Market Price
MRSP: US$110

POSTSCRIPT 2 ADDED on last page DEC 21, 2005: Incompatibilities!

The Antec Neo HE is the successor to the Antec NeoPower, one of the first PC power supplies with detachable cables. While the Neo HE retains the detachable cables, so many other aspects have changed that it can be considered a completely new model. Antec has highlighted efficiency as a key selling point for the new model; "HE" stands for high efficiency. This is in contrast to the original NeoPower, which had rather poor efficiency in our testing.

The Neo HE 430 sample tested here came installed as part of an Antec P150 case. This sample is identical to the retail package version, as far as we know. The P150 case review by Ralf Hutter and Mike Chin was posted very recently.


The Neo HE 430 has a gunmetal gray finish and black trim that give it a utilitarian appearance. There is a decided lack of bling that makes it quite attractive to me personally.

A small vent on the side provides ventilation for a few heat-critical components.

The original NeoPower was the first Antec power supply to utilize a 120mm fan. The Neo HE goes against the current trend and reverts to a single 80mm fan with a "straight-through" airflow path. As a result, the Neo HE may play less of a role in evacuating heat from the PC system. Since this style of power supply exhausts less heat from the system, less airflow through the power supply is needed to keep it cool, meaning a slower, quieter fan can be used. This style of power supply is also a good candidate for an intake duct, which can keep the PSU running cooler, thus making the internal fan less likely to increase in speed.

A conventional 80mm fan design. The wire fan grill is quite unrestrictive, and can be easily removed if necessary.

The rear panel of the power supply is typical of the straight-through design. A standard wire fan grill is used. The absence of a voltage selection switch confirms that the Neo HE is a universal input voltage model.

The intake is very unrestrictive.

The intake at the front of the power supply is extremely open, more so than any other 80mm fan PSU we've seen. The cable ports are clustered in the lower right corner, and take up perhaps a sixth of the total area.

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