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October 17, 2005 by Mike Chin

Shuttle XPC SD11G5

The Shuttle XPC SD11G5 was first shown early this summer at Computex in Taipei. It is of particular interest to the SPCR community because it is a socket 479 system designed around the Pentium M processor. It is Shuttle's first Pentium-M system, fitted into the G5 chassis, which is among the smaller ones in the current Shuttle Small Form Factor (SFF) lineup.

The combination of a fanless external brick power supply and the cool Pentium M platform means that the SD11G5 has instant panache with those who seek quiet PCs. It is reminiscent of the Zen ST62K, which remains Shuttle's smallest SFF model and the quietest thus far; that model is also fitted with a fanless external brick power supply but has no VGA-specific expansion slot.

Through much of this year, Shuttle appears to have been going after the LAN party gaming market with larger SFF models that allow big, hot, high-end VGA cards to be used. One example is the socket-775 SB81P reviewed in March, which allows the use of a double-width PCIe VGA card. The SD11G5 is the first model since the A64-939 based SN95G5 (also reviewed in March) to appeal to the quiet PC market.

Shuttle is not the first to release a socket 479 SFF system. AOpen beat them to it by half a year with the EY855-II, which we reviewed last spring. This was based on the older 855 chipset. AOpen has been active with socket 479 SFF systems in the interim; the somewhat controversial and tiny Mini PC (Mac mini look-alike) was unveiled at Computex, and recently released the almost as small MZ915-M, based on the newer 915M chipset, the same as in the SD11G5.

The closest rival for the Shuttle SD11G5 is the AOpen EY855-II in terms of size and features. The big visible difference is that the AOpen has an integrated fan-cooled PSU, which limits just how quiet that system can run. Acoustically, the SD11G5 has an obvious advantage with a fanless PSU, and it also has some advantages in its feature set as well. The AOpen MZ915-M may also be a good competitor, but we have not seen samples of either of these new models yet.


The usual oh-so-slick box.

What's inside: External Power Supply, User Guide, XPC Driver CD, Extras CD, IDE Cable, PEG power cable, Composite to S-Video cable, Power Cord, SATA cable, Heatsink compound, Front Feet /Twin Adhesive/Screws

The main event: Pearly white SD11G5.
NOTE: Shuttle says the US version will be all-silver.


Size WxDxH (mm)
310(W) x 200(D) x 185(H)
11.5 liters
G5 chassis is the same used in SN95G5. Only slightly larger than miniscule 9 liter Zen.
Intel 915GM + ICH6M chipset
(2) 400 / 533 DDR2 DIMM slots
1GB per DIMM max 2GB
Socket 479
Intel Pentium M 533/400 MHz FSB
Intel Pentium M LV 400MHz FSB
Celeron M
Intel GMA 900 - DVI, VGA
Integrated Graphics w/ support for Dual Independent Display!
Serial ATA
ICH6-M integrated SATA
Dual channel UDMA 150MB/s SATA
Creative Sound Blaster Live! 24-bit
7.1 channel EAX Advanced HD audio
Digital SPDIF I/O
Broadcom 5789
100Base-T specifications compliant
10/100/1000 Mb/s Ethernet
Wake-On-LAN function
Gigabit LAN
Drive bays
1 x 5.25"
1 x 3.5" external
1 x 3.5" internal
Onboard Headers & Connectors
(1) x ATA100 bus master IDE connector
(2) x Serial ATA connector
(2) x 4-pin fan connectors
(2) sets of 1x5 pin USB 2.0 header
(1) set of 2x5 pin USB 2.0 header
Front Panel FPC header
GPIO header
Parallel port header
AUX in header
Power On header
Mini PCI slot
Front Panel
(2) USB 2.0 ports
(1) Mini IEEE1394 port
(1) Mic in
(1) Speaker out
(1) Power on button
(1) Reset button
(1) Power LED
Back Panel

(1) x 16 PCI E slot
(1) x 1 PCI E slot
(1) Set PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse ports
(2) USB 2.0 ports
(1) RJ45 Gigabit LAN port
(1) Optical SPDIF out
(1) Optical SPDIF in
(1) Set 7.1 audio ports
(1) Line in
(1) IEEE 1394
(1) Clear CMOS
(1) VGA connector
(1) DVI connector
(1) Composite video out
(1) Printer port perforation
(1) WLAN perforation

Power Supply
220W external adapter
Input: 100/240V AC
EMI Certified: FCC, CE, BSMI
Safety Certified: UL, TUV, CB, BSMI
No fan, no noise!

Two very notable features:

  • Onboard VGA supports dual-monitor setup with DVI and VGA outputs. This is unusual!
  • A built-in 24-bit 7.1 channel Sound Blaster sound card is pretty impressive.

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