Shuttle SD11G5: Pentium-M SFF PC

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The interior is well thought out, with all the cables routed neatly in order to maintain good airflow and to simplify installation.

Well organized and uncluttered, especially because there is no power supply inside.

Like 775 socket SFF systems from Shuttle, the CPU is mounted at the very front, BTX style. Because the cooling airflow design of the G5 chassis is intake through the side vents, then exhaust out the back, a heatsink with very long heatpipes is used, as the photo below shows. The specifications don't mention BTX, so one has to wonder why the CPU socket wasn't positioned closer to the back, as is the case for Shuttle's socket 478 and AMD K8 systems. It would have made for a simpler cooling solution.

Side view shows the long heatpipes, cable management, 6-pin PCIe plug, and the passive Northbridge heatsink in the center.
Note the clip for IDE cable routing on the underside of the drive tray.

Drives are best mounted in the one-piece drive cage prior to the installation of the drive cage into the chassis.

Drive cage removed: An open, easy-access design.

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