Shuttle SD11G5: Pentium-M SFF PC

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A variant of Shuttle's standard I.C.E. (Integrated Cooling Engine) is used. One end of two long heatpipes are clamped between a copper base and a small aluminum heatsink with four spring loaded bolts. At the opposite end is an array of fins. A 92mm fan attached to a shroud exhausts the CPU heat through the fins and also serves as a general exhaust case fan. It is a well-engineered design.

The I.C.E. (Integrated Cooling Engine) Module.

The copper base of the I.C.E. module is just about as flat and smooth as one could want. The wire fan grill on the inside restricts airflow a bit, and the hex-pattern grill on the outside restricts airflow a bit more. Truly noise-conscious users will want to remove these grills.

Intel 760 (Pentium M, 2.13 GHz) locked in 479 socket. Note 4 mounting holes for heatsink.

Heatsink bolted in. Simply turn the screws until you can't turn any more. The springs are preloaded to the correct tension. Mounting the heatsink does require some care due to the cantilever effect of the cooling fins at the far end, and the exposed die of the Pentium M processor (which is more easily damaged than processors with integrated heat spreaders). Some support on the side of the fins is needed while the mounting screws are tightened.

Fins on the other end.

The 92mm fan has a connector that goes into a 4-pin PWM header on the motherboard.
It is the same fan used in the SN95G5: 0.56A at 12V. It can move a lot of air -- and make a lot of noise.

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