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The AC/DC adapter accepts any AC from 100V to 240V and has a 6-pin connector like the one that comes with the Shuttle Zen. It's a bit smaller except for length, and is rated for slightly higher power: 18A at 12V (216W) instead of 16A (192W). This is more than enough to power any Pentium M plus any combinations of components (VGA card, memory and drives) than can be plugged into the SD11G5. To keep things simple for international distribution, they've made the power a universal input device that runs on any AC from 100V to 240V.

The AC/DC adapter is a bit smaller than the one that came with the Zen.

It's made by Delta, the world biggest power supply maker.

Because the power adapter only provides 12V, the motherboard itself must further convert the 12V into 5V and 3.3V (in addition to the lower voltages required for the CPU, which are normally performed on the motherboard). The back corner close to the input connector for power appears to be where this drop down conversion occurs.

Power conversion components on left? PCIe X16 slot in foreground; the long heatpipes above in the center.

The other back corner, taken by the PSU in other G5 systems, is occupied by the Sound Blaster sound card.
NOTE: The sound card was not tested beyond plugging a pair of high quality headphones in to play some video clips and music.
It worked and sounded fine, as did the Creative SB software drivers and tools (all 170 MB's worth).

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