LS Cable SHS-X500 heatsink/fan

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Installation is much less complex than the universally mountable heatsinks we've been seeing here lately because the X500 is meant only two sockets types: 478 and K8. For socket 478 systems, installation is as simple as slipping the heatsink into Intel's default retention module and pressing two tabs until they lock. The tabs are easily accessible and do not require any special acrobatics to access even in the close confines of a computer case.

The mounting clip comes pre-installed, and fits easily into a standard Socket 478 retention module.

LS Cable recommends that the tips of the heatpipes do not face downwards, which means that in some systems there would only be one orientation for correct installation. Because the heatpipes extend past the edge of the heatsink by a centimeter or more, the recommended vertical orientation could cause compatibility problems with boards that position the CPU close to the "top" edge, which is very close to the PSU in most mid-tower cases. The photo that LS Cable uses to illustrate the correct method of installation does show that this could be a problem.

Sockets 754 and 939 require only one additional step. The X500 ships with an AMD-compatible retention bracket that allows socket 478 heatsinks to be mounted. Once the bracket is screwed onto the motherboard, installation is identical to a socket 478 system.

Supplied bracket on right replaces stock AMD K8 bracket on left.

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