ePower Lion EP-450P5-L1 Semi-Fanless Power Supply

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In addition to the external heatsink, the power switch and AC socket, there is a mysterious unlabelled green button on the back of the Lion. It looks tempting and inviting, but your ears will thank you if you leave it unpressed; when depressed, the button bypasses the fan controller and runs the internal fan at 12V. The resulting whine is so loud that it could be heard two rooms away. There is also a bright blue LED that lights up when the button is pressed to show that the power supply is working, just in case your ears don't tell you.

The blue LED on the back lights up when the green button is pressed.

The fan is a high speed, sleeve bearing model from Power Cooler.

The fan in the Lion (Power Cooler PS802512H) is an odd choice for a quiet power supply. First of all, the fan is a high speed model. Second, it uses sleeve bearings. In a low speed fan, sleeve bearing fans often sound smoother than ball bearing fans, but at higher speeds, turbulence noise masks the difference. Sleeve bearing fans have lower heat tolerance, so a sleeve bearing fan seems like a very strange choice for in a power supply where it only turns on at high temperatures. The choice of fan does not inspire confidence that the Lion will last a long time.


There are a total of ten cable sets.

  • 20" sleeved cable for main 20+4-pin ATX connector
  • 23" sleeved cable with 12V AUX connector
  • 2 x 34" cable with three 4-pin IDE drive connectors and one floppy drive power connector
  • 23" cable with two SATA drive connectors
  • 14" cable with an EMI shielded 6-pin PCIe connector
  • 10" cable with thermistor + mounting bracket
  • 3 x 19" cable with one FAN ONLY Molex connector and one three-pin fan connector

Lots of unusual cables...

Special attention has been given to the PCIe cable, which is encased in a braided metal sleeve to reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI). A ferrite ring around the end of the connector helps reduce ripple. A second, more recent sample that we received included a similarly shielded cable with a single 4-pin IDE drive connector, presumably for use with VGA cards that use this style of connector.

For most systems, this special attention to EMI and ripple is unwarranted. Heavy overclockers may be able to squeeze a couple more megahertz out of their processor, but the practical benefits of EMI shielding are minimal. They do look cool though.

Three "Fan Only" cables come with a single Molex and three-pin fan header each.

The three "Fan Only" cables are probably useful for more users the the heavily shielded VGA power cables. Each cable comes with one Molex connector and one three pin fan header. All of the "Fan Only" headers receive the same source voltage, which is regulated according to the temperature measured by a single thermistor that can be placed wherever the user chooses to put it. Unlike the rest of the cables on the Lion, the cable for the thermistor is extremely short. At 10", it barely wraps halfway around the body of the power supply, severely limiting the positioning of the thermistor.

The "Fan Only" voltage is controlled by this thermistor.

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