Enermax Liberty EL500AWT & EL620AWT power supplies

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The black and gold color scheme of the Liberty is classy. Thanks to the contrast of the two colors and the bulls-eye shape of the wire fan grill, the eye is immediately drawn to the hub of the fan, where a golden sticker displays the manufacturer's name. Gold thread is also found running through the cable sleeves.

Open intake, open exhaust: A good combination.

Modular cables and an exhaust vent occupy the inside face.

The various intake and exhaust vents are all quite unrestrictive and open, which is a good sign for cooling. As usual, the main exhaust is located on the outside face of the power supply so that heat is exhausted outside the system. There is also an auxiliary vent on the inside vent above the cable sockets. This area is often poorly cooled in power supplies with 120mm fans, and letting air escape from here is probably a good idea. However, some users of the Seasonic S12 power supplies have complained that vents in this location allows hot air to be re-circulated inside the case, and heats up the optical drives. The vents on the Liberty is much bigger than the ones on the S12.

The almost-standard hex-stamped exhaust vent.


The photos below show the interior of the 500W model, but the 620W version looks almost identical, with one important difference which will be touched on later.

Gold heatsinks are nestled between numerous coils and other components.

The two main heatsinks are on the small side, but have a fair amount of surface area and many fins. They should do a decent job of moving heat away from the vital components without impeding airflow too much. Their gold color is a little unusual ¬ó perhaps it is the black and gold color scheme extended to the internal design!

Modular cables keep the interior fairly uncluttered.

The tidiness of the modular cables also seems to extend to the interior of the power supply. Thanks to a PCB that supplies power to all the detachable cables, there are far fewer cables to clutter the interior. Almost all of the power drawn from the power supply passes through this PCB, so it probably benefits from the exhaust vent located beneath it.

The only visible difference between the 500W and 620W models: A plastic airflow deflector.

Both of our samples came with the same fan; a medium speed, ball bearing model branded with the name "Silence". Its 0.30A rating is quite high for a medium speed fan. Although the frame is black, the blades are clear plastic. The visual effect of the fan spinning underneath the gold fan grill is interesting.

A Google search of the fan's model number turned up several hits for fans made by Globe Fan, a large OEM fan manufacturer known to do business with Enermax. Although Globe's web site does not provide detailed enough information to positively identify the fan, Globe is certainly the manufacturer.

Both the 500W and 620W use this fan model.

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