FSP Green PS FSP400-60GLN 400W PSU

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The casing of the Green PS is bare steel — most paints are quite toxic, which wouldn't be environmentally friendly. To the untrained eye, the Green PS is almost indistinguishable from the cheap generic power supplies that show up in prebuilt boxes.

A small vent at the front of the power supply is the only distinguishing mark.

On closer inspection, there are a few minor points that set it apart:

  • The fan is off-center, aligned along the left edge
  • There are three tiny exhaust vents along the top right edge
  • The cable insulation seems to be made from an unusual material.

The fan is off-center, closer to the left side than the right.

The off-center location of the fan seems to be designed to minimize the impedance caused by the switch and power socket on the back of the power supply. It's as though FSP simply gave up trying to force air through the right half of the power supply (fan up, facing the rear grill) and focussed their efforts on maximizing airflow through the left side. The fan is on the left, the rear exhaust grill is most open on the left, and there are two auxiliary exhaust vents, both on the left half of the casing. Hopefully, FSP has taken advantage of this by locating the warmest components on the left.

Three tiny holes relieve back pressure along the left edge.

The grill is very open, but not as wide as some.
A lot of the right half is impeded by the switch and power socket.

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