Seasonic SS-300SFD 80 Plus: Little Big PSU

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The input/output specifications were already presented above. The following table was compiled after scanning the product datasheet from Seasonic.

Feature Highlights of the Seasonic SS-300SFD Active PFC F3 - 80 PLUS
High Efficiency >80%; 80 Plus certified
An increasingly common claim, but rarely backed with the 80 Plus tag.
Forward converter circuit This feature first showed up on Seasonic's Super series; it's part of what makes them efficient.
Super low noise fan control It's been true of other Seasonic models. The same fan controller circuit is used.
Protection against short circuit on all outputs, over-voltage, and over-power. Sounds good.
Ripple & noise <1% Meets the requirements of SFX12V v3.0.
Active PFC for 99% PF As per all recent Seasonic models; very "green"
Certifications for safety and EMI from UL, CSA, CE, TUV, CB, FCC, etc. The more the merrier.

Curiously, the operating temperature is not mentioned.


The design is similar to the bottom mounted 120mm fan ATX power supplies that are commonplace today. The difference is that the SFX model is much smaller and uses an 80mm fan. The exact dimension are 130L x 125W x 76.5H in mm (5.1" x 4.9" x 2.5").

ATX vs. SFX.

The casing is standard battleship gray. Aside from the fan intake on the bottom and the open grill main output on the back, there is also a 1" square grid of holes next to a large inductor on one side. This probably provides some cooling airflow for that inductor and critical components nearby.

A small vent on one side.

The label.

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