Antec TruePower 2.0 430 power supply

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Feature Highlights of the Antec TruePower 2.0 430 (from Antec's web site)


Single 120mm low noise fan

The most common design.
Dual 12V outputs, for stability and safety Required by ATX12V 2.x.

True Spec noise level of 21.3 dBA measured at an independent lab using ISO 7779 standard

The operator seated position SPL is the only dB measurement in ISO 7779; where is the rest? I.e., sound power measurements?

ATX12V 2.01 compliant. 24-pin main power connector with detachable 4-pin section for universal motherboard compatibility

Almost all power supplies on the market are now compliant with ATX12V 2.x.

4 Serial ATA connectors

Enough for almost any system.
PCI Express graphic card power connector Common on most brand-name power supplies.

Dedicated output for more stability and less ripple noise

More electrical isolation between the various voltages, so that what happens on one voltage line doesn't affect the others.
Feedback circuits for tighter load regulation (±3%) to maintain accurate voltage to all components ATX12V 2.x requires ±5% regulation,
Industrial-grade protection circuitry prevents damage resulting from short circuits, power overloads, excessive current, excessive voltage, excessive temperatures All standard except for over-temperature protection.
Fan Only power connectors allow True Power to control case fan speeds, reducing total system noise A simple way to undervolt system fans... and increase their speed when the system is under load.
Gold plated connectors for superior conductivity Must be mated with gold connectors to be effective.

Notable features include tighter than usual voltage regulation and "Fan Only" power connectors. Also of note is the way that the noise is specified. By using an independent lab and an internationally recognized standard for their measurements, Antec has done a lot to ensure that their noise specification is honest and accurate. One small bone to pick: According to The Silent PC, the correct standard for declaring PC noise is ISO 9296 because it corrects for uncertainty in the measurement process; ISO 7779 (which Antec has used) is meant as a standard for measurement only.


SPECIFICATIONS: Antec TruePower 2.0 430 (from Antec's web site)

AC Input

115/230 VAC / 47~63 Hz

AC Input Current

10.0A @ 115VAC / 5.0A @ 230VAC

DC Output







Maximum Output Current







Maximum Combined



As expected of a modern power supply, most of the current is available on the +12V rails. There's enough capacity here for almost any system, SLI or Crossfire included.

No combined maximum for the +3.3V and +5V rails is given, which means they are probably regulated separately. Antec refers to this as "dedicated output". The practical benefit of this arrangement is that the individual voltage rails are well isolated, so what happens on one rail has less effect on the the other rails, which in turn leads to a more stable power supply.

This circuit design is also what allows Antec to declare the tighter ±3% voltage regulation. The +3.3V rail in particular is often the least well-regulated voltage, and, thanks to its low voltage, it is also has the least tolerance for variance. 3% of 3.3V is 0.1V, while 3% of 12V is 0.36V, so there is much less room for error. By regulating it separately from the other rails, Antec can guarantee tighter tolerances on all rails.

The operating temperature for the TruePower 2.0 is 0 to 50°C, which means it can be expected to perform well even in a poorly ventilated case. Chances are, it could even survive as the primary (or only) source of system airflow, although this would most likely have a poor impact on system noise.

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