Antec TruePower 2.0 430 power supply

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The TruePower 2.0 uses a lot of large, densely packed components, which is not a good sign for airflow or cooling. Thermal grease is liberally applied throughout the power supply wherever there is a possibility of heat transfer towards the two aluminum heatsinks that divide the space into three.

Tightly packed components make it difficult for air to move.

The heatsinks themselves are made of extruded aluminum, and are slotted to allow air to move through them. They are not especially large, but should be good enough to deal with the 430W capacity of our sample unit.

Overall, the basic layout and design of the TruePower 2.0 is very similar to another Antec power supply: The NeoPower 480. In fact, the heatsinks appear to be identical.

This is what the NeoPower looks like inside. The basic layout is very similar to the TruePower 2.0.

The heatsinks have two sets of three stubby fins set perpendicular to each other.

The output wires are neatly clustered near the back corner, where they are out of the way. They sprout from the PCB in clusters of five or six, and are isolated from each other with heatshrink where they would normally show bare wire. This is safer and allows them to be densely packed, leaving room for the other components.

The output wires are neatly organized and well-insulated against short circuits.

The internal fan is a has dual ball bearings and is classified as a medium speed fan according to Dynatron's model numbering system. This is the same fan used in Antec's NeoPower 480, and may also be the fan that shipped in the original Antec Sonata case. We found that this fan was subjectively "very quiet" in the NeoPower 480, although it is not the smoothest sounding.

Antec gets good use out of this fan; they've used it in several products before.

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