Zalman ZM460-APS Power Supply

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Jan 2, 2006 by Devon Cooke

Zalman ZM460-APS
460W ATX12V 2.01 Power Supply
Market Price US$90~110

Zalman has made a reputation for itself as a noise-friendly company, so we're always interested when they release a new product. The ZM460-APS marks Zalman's latest power supply offering.

Zalman's previous power supplies have not been as quiet as some of its competitors. Compared to the ZM400B-APS model that we reviewed almost two years ago, the ZM460-APS is based on a newer, more efficient circuit design and has a 120mm fan. It is also compliant with the newer ATX12V 2.01 and sports connectors for all the latest devices.

As usual, packaging is slick and lists the specifications and features on the side of the box.

Lots of extra goodies.

You pay a bit of a premium for the Zalman name, but there's some compensation in the number of extras included. In addition to the AC cable, mounting screws, and the power supply itself, there are several other items:

  • a well-illustrated manual with more technical information than usual (including cable lengths!)
  • some velcro ties for cable management
  • a Y-adaptor for the PCIe connector, allowing SLI systems to be used
  • a Y-adaptor from Molex to 2 x SATA connectors to increase the number of SATA drives that can be powered
  • a Y-adaptor from Molex to 2 x 12V fan headers and 2 x 5V fan headers to power (or undervolt) system fans


Feature Highlights of the Zalman ZM460-APS (from Zalman's web site)
CNPS (Computer Noise Prevention System) with Auto Control Cooling Fan Fancy talk for a thermally controlled fan controller.
Improving Power Factor & Eliminating Harmonics through Active PFC: By implementing Active PFC, the power factor (PF) is improved from 75% (Passive PFC) to 96% (230VAC, Full load), while harmful harmonic frequencies are reduced below regulatory requirements. Power factor correction reduces the AC amperage required and can reduce power costs for people billed by VA instead of wattage.
High Efficiency Design: Designed with a high switching frequency and low power-loss circuitry, the efficiency of this product exceeds 80% (230VAC, Full load). Most high-end power supplies can hit 80%, though not all can do it at full load. Note the 230VAC input; it's usually 2~3% less efficient at 110~115VAC.
ATX ?20+4?-Pin Main Connector: ATX ?20+4?-Pin main connector broadens mainboard compatibility. Compatibility with older motherboards.
ATX12V CPU (4-Pin) & EPS12V CPU (8-Pin) Connectors: Use two ATX12V 2x2(4-pin) connectors together to form an EPS12V CPU connector(8-pin). EPS12V is a standard for server and workstation computers, which often have multiple processor chips and require more power.
PCI Express Graphic Card Power Connector(6-Pin): PCI-Express graphics card power connector is provided to high-end graphics card support. Almost a standard feature now.
EZ Grip Connectors for ODD & HDD: EZ Grip Connectors for ODD & HDD for easy connecting and disconnecting of the plugs. Much easier to unplug than standard connectors...
Dual +12VDC Output: Two +12VDC rails output up to 30A combined, providing more stable power to high-end systems. Required by ATX12V 2.01
Sleeved Cables: All power cables are sleeved for easy cable management and improved air circulation in the computer?s case. Good for cable management, but mainly for aesthetic purposes.
Certified with International Safety Approvals & EMC Standards: CE, CB, RU, MIC, FCC The more the better...
Strict DC Voltage Regulation & Low Output Ripple / Noise The basic electrical goal of any power supply: Voltage regulation and Low ripple.


SPECIFICATIONS: Zalman ZM460-APS (from Zalman's web site)
AC Input
110~240 VAC ¬Ī10% / 47~63 Hz
AC Input Current
7.5 @ 115VAC / 3.5A @ 230VAC
DC Output







Maximum Output Current







Maximum Combined


460W of capacity is a lot of power to play with. The ZM460-APS should have no problem keeping up with the big boys. Most of the current is available where it's needed ? the +12V rails ? so getting enough power should not be a problem. It shouldn't have any problem sustaining it either: Its maximum operating temperature for rated power output is 50°C.

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