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Some basics about the TNN-500AF case:-

  • Constructed from 5~7mm thick black anodized aluminum panels.
  • Weighs 26Kg.
  • Dimensions: 400(L) x 286(W) x 597(H) mm
  • CPU Cooler : ZMC 6HB(150W/sec)
  • VGA Cooler : ZMV 3HA(75W/sec)
  • Northbridge Cooler : ZMN-1HB
  • HDD Cooler : ZM-2HC2(11 heatpipes)
  • Power Supply : TNN400APF-V2 (400W)
  • Integrated Multifunction Multimedia iMon remote control system

With a case this interesting, a visual tour is in order.

Sturdy handles flip up from recesses on the top bezel, which is a layer above the perforated top panel.

There is a real front panel behind the door; more assuring than the open access to components in the TNN-500
The blue square in the door is a window to allow infrared signals to reach the remote sensor.

Center of the Internal Front Panel: Remote sensor in top center, along with the standard switches and LED lights.
There's a host of USB, 1394 and audio connectors in a row below.

iMon remote control system is
an integral part of the TNN-500AF.

An EPCN system restore CD is part of the accessories package, along with at least a dozen software/driver CDs, various cables, and a component output adapter for the video card. This last item is of interest to anyone wanting to run high resolution video.

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