Zalman TNN-300 Fanless PC Enclosure System

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Our review sample from Zalman USA in California made it to Vancouver safely in a sturdy corrugated cardboard package weighing 25 kg. It was double-boxed; the case and its parts were contained in another box inside that features full-color graphics.

Well packed to survive the rigors of shipping.

Lots of custom-fitted styrofoam to protect the contents.

Lots of goodies in the boxes...

... laid out in their full glory.

You saw the front view on the first page photo; here's the view from the back.
Note the additional heatsink on the back panel.
The holes at the top of the back panel are found along the top of the sides; they are intended to allow rising hot air to escape.

The base on the bottom acts like a turntable or "Lazy Susan".
The holes on the botton allow convection of cooler outside air into the case.

There's no question that Zalman has worked to make this TNN model a lot more user-friendly than the earlier TNN-500A model. Not only is it smaller, lighter and less visually obtrusive, there are small details such as the rounded contours of all the heatsink edges, the conveniently placed external ports, the base that allows easy rotation, the integrated remote control and embedded sensor ° all of which show a high level of care about ergonomics and usability.

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