Enhance ENP-5136GH 360W PSU: A New 80 Plus Brand

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Despite its industrial market, the finish is matte black, with a matching fan grill.

The all black styling is reminiscent of another power supply we tested recently, the SilverStone Strider ST56F. The resemblance is no coincidence; Enhance is the OEM for several of SilverStone's power supplies. Unfortunately, the noise level of the SilverStone did not impress us. Hopefully, this model will do better.

Airflow is provided by a 120mm fan that is slightly offset to one side. The primary exhaust is through the rear grill, but there is also a substantial vent on the inner face as well. This should prevent pockets of hot air from forming in the far corners of the power supply, but it also has the disadvantage of dumping heat back into the system instead of exhausting it entirely. All of the vents are open enough that air impedance is unlikely to be a serious issue.

A large vent on the inner face relieves air pressure and allows hot air to escape into the system.

More holes than a target at a shooting range.


The interior looks simple and neat. There is plenty of space between components for air to flow between. The heatsinks are quite large for such a modest capacity unit, and the widely spaced fins should work well with a low airflow fan.

For some reason, the two main heatsinks are made of different materials. One is unfinished aluminum, while the other is a black material, possibly anodized aluminum.

Lots of heatsinking, but also lots of room for airflow.

Widely space components are good for airflow and cooling.

The fan is connected with a standard two-pin header, and could easily be swapped.

The placement of the thermal sensors that control the fan is obvious: There are two, strapped side-by-side to a pair of fins on one of the heatsinks. Nearby is a large MOSFET that is likely to be the dominant source of heat for these two fins.

The two darker fins have thermistors strapped underneath.
These thermistors control the speed of the cooling fan.

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