Scythe Samurai Z CPU heatsink / fan

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The universal mounting system for the Samurai Z is simple and user friendly. The only hardware needed is a pair of mounting clips that fit neatly into the stock retention bracket for the appropriate socket type. They also clip neatly onto the heatsink itself; no screws are required at all.

Ready for Socket 478...

...Socket 775...

...And K8 Sockets.

Installing the Samurai Z is as simple as attaching the appropriate clips and using them to secure the HSF.

Although easy to use, the mounting system is a bit fragile. Repeatedly installing and removing the clips from the heatsink could result in damage, as it did on our sample. The problem is that the mounting clips must fit between the fins on the heatsink which, being thin and not terribly strong, are prone to breaking when the clips lock into place. The damage is illustrated below:

Two of the fins were sheared off at the base where the clips put too much pressure on them.

The end result of the damage was that the clip would not stay securely attached to the heatsink. This did not prevent the heatsink from being installed on our test bench, because the clips were held in place by the retention bracket when they were under tension. However, the stock brackets for K8 sockets and especially Socket 775 are not as rigid and may not hold the clip in place as securely.

There may also be potential for damage if the system is subject to shock while the heatsink is installed. Shipping a system with the Samurai Z installed is probably not wise.

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