Nexus NX-9003 350W Hybrid PSU

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Like so many power supplies these days, the casing of the NX-9003 is matte black. In sharp contrast with the black exterior is a bright orange cooling fan — the same color as Nexus' retail fan. Could Nexus using their reputation for quiet fans to sell the NX-9003? Of course they are.

A matte black finish. Two small vents on the back panel relieve back pressure inside.

Orange and black. Put a light inside it and your system will be ready to scare kids on Halloween.

Aside from the orange fan, there is little that stands out to the casual observer. However, a more trained eye might see things differently.

For starters, the presence of a red voltage selector switch indicates that the NX-9003 is not autoranging — a surprising omission for a higher priced power supply. Canadian and American consumers beware — our sample was set for 230V, and needed to be switched over to 115V before it would work on our test bench.

The airflow is set up like any other 120mm power supply: The fan blows air into the power supply and most of it is exhausted out the back. A small amount of air also escapes through small vents on the inner panel. Small as they are, these vents should help cooling by preventing pockets of dead air from forming in the corners.

The rear grill is as unrestrictive as any other 120mm model, but about an eighth of the area of blocked off by a a piece of acetate.

The rear grill itself is unrestrictive for airflow. However, one corner of the grill is blocked by an acetate tab that prevents some of the internal components from making contact with the exterior casing. As a result, about an eighth of the rear panel is blocked.


With the exception of the heatsinks, the layout of the NX-9003 is similar to another Nexus power supply: The NX-3500. The position of all the major components is the same. That particular power supply was considered quiet in its day, despite poor efficiency.

This looks very similar to something we've seen before...

...the Nexus NX-3500.

One major difference between them is the size of the heatsinks. The newer NX-9003 uses smaller heatsinks with fewer fins. Somehow, these shrimpy little pieces of anodized aluminum are supposed to keep the power supply cool, even when the fan is not running. On a more positive note, the smaller heatsinks should mean that the airflow across the main components is greater, so perhaps the loss in cooling surface is made up in other areas.

Skinny little heatsinks. Note the vents visible on either side of the main transformer.

Large input capacitors.

The large block on the left implements a passive PFC. On the right is the main transformer.

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