Nexus NX-9003 350W Hybrid PSU

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MP3 Sound Recordings of Nexus NX-9003 SFB

Nexus NX-9003 SFB @ 63~200W (26 [email protected])

Nexus NX-9003 SFB @ 250W (33/26 [email protected])

Nexus NX-9003 SFB @ 350W (33/40 [email protected])

Sound Recordings of PSU Comparatives

Seasonic S12-430 (Rev. A1) @ 150W (19 dBA/1m)

Seasonic S12-430 (Rev. A1) @ 250W (26 dBA/1m)

Antec Neo HE 430 @ 150W (21 [email protected])

Antec Neo HE 430 @ 200W (26 [email protected])

Zalman ZM460-APS @ 40W (21 [email protected])

Zalman ZM460-APS @ 150W (26 [email protected])

Nexus 92mm case fan @ 5V (17 dBA/1m) Reference


These recordings were made with a high resolution studio quality digital recording system. The microphone was 3" from the edge of the PSU exhaust grill at a 45° angle to avoid direct wind noise. The ambient noise during all recordings was 18 dBA or lower.

To set the volume to a realistic level (similar to the original), try playing the Nexus 92 fan reference recording and setting the volume so that it is barely audible. Then don't reset the volume and play the other sound files. Of course, tone controls or other effects should all be turned off or set to neutral. For full details on how to calibrate your sound system to get the most valid listening comparison, please see the yellow text box entitled Listen to the Fans on page four of the article SPCR's Test / Sound Lab: A Short Tour.


With enough care and effort, the NX-9003 could probably be put to good use in a quiet system. That system would need to draw very little power in idle to ensure that the cooling fan does not cycle on and off. At the same time, the power draw under load would need to be high enough that the fan stays on once it comes on. For most people, the fan controller will just be too much trouble to work with; there are many other quieter PSU alternatives.

True, its voltage regulation is excellent. But it's not especially efficient, it isn't especially well-cooled, and it is too expensive for a power supply that doesn't come out on top in at least one category. The thing that distinguishes the NX-9003 from the competition is its ability to turn off its cooling fan and any other fans that are attached to it. However, this ability is too poorly implemented to be beneficial.

Ultimately, the NX-9003 is an interesting failure. In our view, the fan controller needs a lot more work before we can recommend this PSU for quiet seekers.

* * *

POSTSCRIPT, 03/28/06 : Comment from Nexus about the External Fan Controller

When a user turns on their computer, the sensor of the NX-9003 SFB will detect the system fan and check whether the two system fans are there or not.

If user doesn't connect system fans before the computer is booted, the sensor will give PSU a sign which is not to provide load to system fan. However, the load is not 0 V.

That’s why 1.9V was detected in the review. If the system fan is connected while the computer is on, the system fan will not run. So, the key point is that the system fan should be connected before the computer is booted.

Here is the reference data for the system fan:

°C at Sensor
Fan Voltage

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Much thanks to End PC Noise for the opportunity to examine this power supply.

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